Shy, but shiny ceramics
by Polina Ulanova
Shy, but shiny ceramics
by Polina Ulanova

All items are available offline in The Main Design store and Move2Market mall in Yerevan.

Also you can order them online on this website, so I will book them for you and deliver.

About me
Hi! My name is Polina Ulanova. I'm a ceramist, currently based in Armenia.

Through ceramics I share my vision of beauty and express those feelings that I can't put into any words.

What I want to give people through my work is a sense of home. I imagine people returning to their house with my ceramic pieces wrapped in their arms and feeling that home has become more whole.

Like something was missing and then it all made sense.

That’s when it all makes sense to me.

I hope you'll find here something that calls your name and fills your heart ❤️
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